Lourenco Pinto Leite

Hi guys! I am Lourenço, I am 27 and I live in Portugal. I am the creator of CinePoker, the best Cinema game there is! I have been working on this game for 3 years and it has been an amazing journey! Of course, this journey would not be possible without the commitment of many people, specially, Madalena, Ricardo and BetaCode! Thank you very much for all your effort and for believing in CinePoker!

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by Boardgames. I remember playing Monopoly against my “imaginary friend” when I was just 5 years old; organizing Boardgame tournaments with my relatives and spending hours having fun around Risk or Ticket to Ride. Indeed, the burning desire to create a social game about Cinema was the driving factor behind CinePoker!

The game idea was born by observing different people who like Cinema. I noticed they all have something in common: they love to think about which actors/actresses appeared in which movies. For example, if a person is trying to explain a movie to a friend, they’ll probably say something like this: “It is that movie that stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere”.

After realizing this, I came up with the “core” of the game, completely innovative when compared with what already exists in the market: by giving the players actor images, they must combine the different Hollywood stars in the different movies they appeared in together.

Why do I believe CinePoker is the best cinema game ever?

  1. Challenging and unique mixing & matching actors game mechanics.
  2. Unlike most trivia games where there is only one correct answer, CinePoker allows multiple correct answers.
  3. 3 game modes: solo mode, online mode (players use their smartphones to connect with each other) and party mode (players pick up their smartphones and gather around a TV).
  4. The database that feeds the game (TMDB) is constantly updated, which means every time a new movie comes out, the new actors combinations are taken into account.
  5. The game concept (choose actors who starred together in the same movie) is easily scalable to other topics (Football, Basket, etc)

If you want to send feedback or contact me for any reason, please drop me an email or reach me on Linkedin

Thank you very much for your attention,