Who hasn’t been in a social occasion hanging out with friends or family, when, after a while everybody immerses themselves in their own world as their eyes become glued to the screen of their smartphone? Now more than ever technology makes part of our daily lives. It is an extension of ourselves, bringing a series of new opportunities. But let’s face it. It also comes with a downside: technology can pull people away from traditional social settings, contributing to social isolation, even when you are surrounded by family and good friends.


I want to change this tendency and connect people using technology. And what’s the best way to bring people closer? Through Games!

Why?: I’ve been fascinated by games ever since I can remember. With Games you feel truly challenged, you learn about winning vs. losing and you connect with other through humour, shared strategies, common goals...

How?: In CinePoker you can compete against other contestants in an online mode using your smartphone or you can host friends at your place and use a Mother Device, e.g. a TV Screen, where the challenges appear and a Smartphone per player serving as joystick. Either way, fun is guaranteed!

What?: CinePoker is the merge between my passion for games, cinema and technology, which offers a more exciting and convenient experience. It is the first App for Cinema Fans that allows you to match different actors in your favourite movies.

Game Explanation

Why is it a great game?

  1. First, it presents two game modes: the online mode and the Family mode.
  2. Second, the game mechanics of combining the actors is extremely unique and extremely challenging.
  3. Third, CinePoker database is constantly updated, meaning every time a new movie comes out, the game takes into account the new combinations.

Long term vision

CinePoker is the first game of many to be launched by our team. In the future, we intend to expand the game concept to other areas of interest, such as Football (FootPoker) serving different communities